Caring For Seniors.

79 per cent of Canadians worry about not having enough money to pay for their care when they need it.

71 per cent of seniors worry about being a burden to their family if they can’t look after themselves.

96 per cent of Canadians agree that social interaction is important for seniors’ health and well-being.

Seniors have the right to determine how, where and by whom their care services will be delivered.

A Senior Services Benefit can help.

A Senior Services Benefit is a monthly allowance sent directly to the senior to help pay for their care needs.

It puts money back into the hands of seniors,

supports greater choice for seniors,

and empowers seniors to stay in the community longer among their family and friends.

Why it can work in Ontario.

Repurpose existing dollars

The Senior Services Benefit would repurpose existing dollars from the current LHIN-administered home and community care system to a direct payment to seniors.

Already qualified

Any senior who already qualifies for existing home and community care services would be eligible for the Senior Services Benefit.


Research from around the world illustrates that when you put choice into the hands of patients, they are more satisfied.


In Germany, when people were given the choice to receive a Senior Services Benefit-type care model, 80 per cent chose that model over the one run by the state.
The Ontario Retirement Communities Association (“ORCA”) is a voluntary not-for-profit association that represents 95 per cent of all licensed retirement home suites in the province. Our members are proud to employ 28,000 full and part-time employees who help to support over 57,000 seniors in Ontario today.

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