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Models like the Senior Services Benefit exist all over the world – a recent CD Howe Report has examined self-directed funding models in Germany, France, and Australia. Similar models also exist in England, Scotland, the United States, Japan, Italy, and the list goes on! There are also models right here in Canada, both in Saskatchewan and in Quebec.


It is critical that the sector continues to offer choice, flexibility and innovation for seniors. That’s why ORCA has worked with the Rotman School of Management – to examine how other countries are best dealing with their care continuum.


ORCA has identified a Senior Services Benefit, a program that supports affordability and choice for seniors. In fact, the ORCA – Rotman Report on self-directed funding states: “Consumer preferences toward greater engagement and integration of services have led to the development of self-directed funding models (SDF). Self-funding programs are defined by one key feature – instead of funding agencies that deliver services to client, government can fund clients, either directly or indirectly, who the use the funds to purchase services from providers of their choice. This avenue gives users more choice in who provides their support and allows them to take ownership of their personal support services.”

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